Black Oak Roadshow with Clembo – Norfolk Wedding DJ

DJ-ing is and always will be my ultimate passion; I live and breathe all things disco!  All day every day I’m either dreaming of speakers, finding new songs or researching/buying new equipment to make the Suffolk Wedding DJ set-up bigger and better than ever.  I just love it!  From playing with my DJ toys to watching people dance and enjoy my entertainment, for me there is no feeling like it.

I started DJ-ing when I was just 11 years old.  I began by hosting discos at my parents’ and friends’ houses, but word soon got out and I started getting booked for village hall parties.  To begin with I had a simple set-up and called myself the Black Oak Roadshow, which I ran with a few mates.  I used to get set up during the day and would often bike to my gigs with my DJ-ing buddies!

Sound City Disco wedding set-up – Norfolk Wedding DJ

After a short while I changed the name to Sound City Disco, a name that has stuck with me throughout my DJ-ing career.  Thinking back I have had so many different set-ups, speakers, lights and even vans for the disco – it’s amazing how much it has all changed, and continues to do so as I find bigger and better ways of entertaining!  I’ll often sit at home talking about past discos and it amazes me that I can remember almost every disco I’ve ever done, can associate songs with different people or parties, and could tell you about each light, speaker or van I’ve ever bought…

Sound City Disco vans and my first DJ console – Norfolk Wedding DJ

From private parties and weddings to nights in clubs, pubs and hotels, every function is so different.  But each booking, no matter the occasion, how big or how small, is so important to me.  I always want the disco to be the best it can be, with the best music and of course the guests enjoying a great night.

Norfolk Wedding DJ

No matter how many new DJ toys I get, vinyl will always be the best! – Norfolk Wedding DJ

I take a lot of pride in what I do, and can often spend days preparing for a disco.  I just love every step of the process!  Nothing makes me happier than seeing my disco looking and sounding great, and watching a happy host and their guests enjoying the night.  I LOVE being a DJ and I love being a part of so many people’s happy memories!

DJ Neil


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